Outstanding academics is a point of pride at Prescott Adventist Christian School and a key part of our reputation for educating successful students. It connects many aspects of life at Prescott, bringing an atmosphere of excellence to the campus and resulting in practical payoffs like acceptance letters and high scores.

1Tuition Information and Fees

Tuition at the Prescott Adventist Christian School is as follows:

K-8 Annual Tuition and Fees
  Elementary (K-8th)  
Registration Fees $340.00  
Annual Tuition $5,000.00  
10 monthly payment $500.00 per month  

Tuition Discounts, Arizona Tax Credits, and Scholarships are available!

Discounts are given AFTER all scholarship funds have been applied. 5% discount if tuition is paid in full for the entire year. Payments can be made using cash, or check.

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